Next Level Pain Relief Policies and Procedures


  • These policies and procedures, in their current form and/or any amended form are a key part of the distributor agreement.
  • Next Level Pain Relief is a direct sales company that markets hemp products through a distributor network. The company success, your success and the success of your fellow distributors depends on the honesty and integrity of all of us. It is, therefore, important that you carefully read, understand and follow the policies and procedures of Next Level Pain Relief.
  • Next Level Pain Relief reserves the rights to change or amend these policies and procedures, commission and bonus plans, pricing and product availability at its sole discretion at any time that it deems necessary.
  • As a distributor, once you initial the Distributor Application, you agree to abide by all policies and procedures. If the company makes any changes to any policies or procedures, you will be notified in writing.

Becoming a Distributor

  • Must complete and sign a Distributor Application
  • Successfully complete company’s initial training
  • Purchase Starter Kit and Sign up for Monthly auto ship of samples
  • Have a valid Social Security or EIN number
  • Be of legal age to enter into an agreement
  • Agree to conduct your business in an honest and highly ethical manner
  • Agree to make no representations about the health benefits associated Next Level Pain Relief Products
  • I acknowledge that the key to my success is a daily and consistent effort and I will make my best effort to successfully market the Next Level Pain Relief products
  • I will not make disparaging comments about Next Level Pain Relief, its officers, directors, employees or fellow Next Level Pain Relief distributors nor competing companies
  • I agree to maintain the trade secrets and practices of Next Level Pain Relief in a fiduciary manner and will avoid all potential conflicts of interest as it relates to me as a Next Level Pain Relief Distributor
  • I agree to immediately notify the company of any changes in my address, email address or phone number by updating my back office immediately
  • I acknowledge that as a distributor, I am fully responsible for all of my statements or comments written or verbally made regarding Next Level Pain Relief products that are not contained in company materials and therefore hold the company, its officers, directors, employees, other distributors harmless from any and all liability that arises from the distributor misrepresenting the company. This provision remains if the distributor leaves the company and terminates the agreement.

General Policies and Procedures

  • Next Level Pain Relief Distributors are free to participate in other direct sales and multilevel or network marketing companies as long as the company does not sell or market any hemp Products. Distributors acknowledge that this provision covers the time that are actively marketing Next Level Pain Relief Products and six months after the termination of the Next Level Distribution Agreement.
  • Next Level Pain Relief Distributors agree not to recruit another Next Level Pain Relief Distributor or Employee to another direct sales or multilevel marketing company during the Distributor Agreement and one year after the termination of the agreement
  • Next Level Pain Relief Distributor acknowledges that the company’s current territory is the USA and therefore your territory is all 50 states of the United States. If and when the company expands into international markets, you will be notified in writing and your market will also be expanded to the same markets
  • Next Level Pain Relief Distributors will receive a replicated website as a part of their starter kit, some initial marketing and training materials. The distributors may make their own marketing materials and may link the replicated website to their own website but any such materials still must adhere to strict standards and representations of the company and should be approved by the company’s Compliance Department.
  • Next Level Pain Relief Distributor cannot change the prices of the products with the exemption of company wide promotion or coupons issued by the company
  • Next Level Pain Relief is a direct sales company. As an independent distributor, you may market the Next Level Products to Family, Friends, Neighbors, Co-workers, any individuals that you can successfully secure as clients. You may also use social media platforms, flyers, business cards, interest meetings, group events, sales parties, etc. You are not authorized to wholesale the product or to resell the product on Amazon, E-Bay, Craig’s List or any retail outlet.
  • As a Next Level Pain Relief Distributor, you may build sales teams by hiring sub-distributors to work for you. Your sub-distributors will be required to purchase a starter kit and purchase samples monthly; however, their production will flow into the team’s production for purposes of commissions and bonuses. The company will pay the commission and bonus to the team leader and the team leader is responsible for paying the sub-distributors a per unit commission of no less than $16 per unit.
  • Next Level Pain Relief Distributors acknowledges that if they are going to do any telemarketing that they must check and respect the “Do Not Call List” and will not call anyone on that list
  • Next Level Pain Relief Distributors agree not to provide any personal testimonials about the products
  • Next Level Pain Relief Distributors agree to allow the company to use their name, image and likeliness for a period of three years should it chose to include it in its marketing materials
  • Next Level Pain Relief Distributors agree to make a good effort to learn as much as possible about hemp and the company’s products as well as to take full advantage of the company’s provided training materials
  • Next Level Pain Relief Distributors are independent contractors and acknowledge that they cannot legally bind the company to any obligation and are not owners or partners of Next Level Pain Relief, Inc.